EMWA's On-Going Projects

The following projects and programs can be cited as EMWA's major activities being underway:

  1. Project underway with the support of Micronutrient Initiative (MI) (Year 2013/2014)
    • With the project 'Vitamin A Supplementation behavior change Communication/VAS SBCC/', EMWA able to undertake the following activities:
      • Produced training materials on Nutrition and media message development
      • Increased women journalists' capacity to effectively communicate to mothers and care givers on the importance of vitamin A supplementation (VAS) through media channels.
      • Support journalists to develop VAS SBCC media programs
      • Disseminate VAS SBCC programs developed through available media outlets in seven regions of Ethiopia including on EMWA's Fan page Facebook
      • Out of the pool of trained journalists, invited interested journalists to develop field based stories
      • Host panel discussions and arrange for broadcast using national mass media such as Radio and TV
      • Conduct Media Monitoring for VAS SBCC messages, field based stories and panel discussions.
  2. Project Underway in collaboration with Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and with the support of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (Year 2013/2014)
    • Conduct assessment on the participation & skills of women media practitioners in exposing corruption and implementing investigating journalism,
    • Conduct training workshop for 60 women media practitioners on investigating journalism and media ethics in three round,
    • Give award for best performer/who produced programs through different media outlets of female journalists in the issue of ethics and anti-corruption activities,
  3. Projects Facilitated with US Embassy (Year, 2014)
    • EMWA in collaboration with US Embassy has facilitated a project called 'The role of women Journalists in promoting women's issues in the media' With this project, the following activities were organized:
      • Improve women's representation and change negative portrayal in the media through strengthening capacities of women journalists
      • Increase the awareness level of 60 EMWA member media practitioners in their respective roles of addressing women's concerns in their respective media.
        • Facilitate information and experience sharing among the media practitioners on the how to inclusively promotes women issues in the media.
        • Promote the reinforcement of the concerns of women issues in the media
        • Discuss and put directions for future women empowerment through the media