EMWA's Past Projects

The following projects and programs can be cited as EMWA's major activities for the past years:

  • In collaboration with the long time supporter Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung (FES) it has implemented programs on gender and mass media. It run the gender sensitive trainings for journalists in different regions,
  • In collaboration with Norwegian government agency Fredskropset (FK), it has conducted North-South and south-South experience sharing program which benefited 19 members. It had strong partnership with media women Associations of Kenya(AMWIK), Uganda(UMWA), Tanzania(TAMWA) and Zambia(ZAMWA) and it organized regional Partners Meetings and conferences,
  • With the help of Oak Foundation EMWA was also able to work jointly with other three African similar associations. TAMWA, UMWA, and AMWIK. In this respect, EMWA published with the mentioned Associations a media code of conduct that guides on how to report on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (CSAE) under the OAK project.
  • In terms of capacity building of its members and the media, the association has carried out various programs including six members got education through EMWA, five in Uganda by the support of FES and one through an opportunity given by the former MoI,
  • EMWA has had a strong national and international network and through this network, EMWA was able to promote regional cooperation and to contribute towards building image of the country. EMWA participated in international campaigns such as Global Media Monitoring Project(GMMP),
  • Published a book in collaboration with Ethiopian Millennium Foundation (SEM) under the title ''Candace: Invincible Women of Ethiopia'' in Amharic about contemporary women leaders and women leaders in history,
  • It has also collaborated with UNICEF to organize a round table discussions with journalists on issues of women and children; and organized awards for journalists in relation to safe motherhood,
  • Produced Radio programs under OAK project on child rights and related issues,
  • It has accomplished media campaign against HTPs by the support of Norwegian Churches,
  • Produced radio programs and newspaper articles on violence against women and conducted community conversation on the issue,
  • Campaigning for women candidates by developing bill boards, by conducting training for women contestants,
  • It initiated the establishment of Reproductive Health Network Journalists in regions in which EMWA members were focal persons,
  • Empowering the media for promotion of human rights, supported by UN Office for High commissioner for Human rights (OHCHR) and Ethiopian Human rights Commission (EHRC),
  • The association has also conducted surveys and various media literacy workshops.
  • It has been conducting media monitoring activities for different purposes. For example, it has done print media monitoring on the representation of children and issues affecting children (OAK Foundation) and issues of gender based violence (FES) as well as women's rights and issues of women's concern (FK). The association also conducted a content analysis on the representation of women in print media in election news in 2006 by the support of Action Aid Ethiopia.
  • It had also its own quarterly issued magazine.